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Test Report

Reported on 09 Apr 2022 at 14:52 UTC.

Results: passed 1564 tests (100%).

Stylesheet version using DocBook version and DocBook Publishers version .

Tested with XSpec version 2.2.4 (patched) using Saxon SAXON HE 11.3.

Coverage: 385 of 413 elements (93.22%) ; missing 28 elements with 195 lacking good coverage.

Not covered: assembly, association, description, enumitem, enumitemdescription, enumsynopsis, filterin, filterout, instance, macrodef, macroprototype, macrosynopsis, merge, module, output, packagesynopsis, relationship, relationships, resource, resources, specializedtemplate, structure, template, transform, transforms, typedefsynopsis, union, unionsynopsis.

ScenarioPass?XMLExpected result a
a The expected results linked here have been transformed so that they render properly. The actual expected results consist of only the body element.