Unit Test: panelset.001

This unit test is an experiment in providing a “panel set” presentation for a variable list.

 1 |#!/usr/bin/env python3
   |"""This is a wrapper script around the Saxon command line interface.
   |It attempts to make sure that the classpath is correct and that third
 5 |party and other libraries are available."""
   |import os
   |import sys
   |import json
10 |import shutil
   |import subprocess
   |from pathlib import Path
   |from xml.dom.minidom import parse, Node
15 | 
   |class JavaClassRunnerException(Exception):
   |    """Subclass of Exception for errors raised by the runner."""

And so on, for another 600 lines or so.

 1 |#!/usr/bin/env python3
   |"""This is yet another link checker. Was it better to write my own
   |than find an existing cross-platform version? Maybe not, but it
 5 |appeared to be easier."""
   |import re
   |import os
   |import sys
10 |import json
   |import glob
   |import click
   |    import html5_parser
15 |    import lxml.etree
   |    from saxonche import PySaxonProcessor
   |    importOk = True
   |except ImportError:
   |    importOk = False

And so on for another 150 lines or so.

More things.


The content of an individual panel is just ordinary DocBook listitem content.