Unit test: table-cals.052.xml This tests table footnotes. In particular, for PDF, although automated testing doesn’t actually…test that. The data map originally came from the guideThis is a test of an ordinary footnote.. The data map Key Value align The alignment of the data (if specified) content-type The computed content type for the data contentheight The content height of the data (if specifiedDocBook uses “depth” instead of “height”, but we convert it to height for consistency with most other systems.) contentwidth The content width of the data (if specified) extension The extension of the data file (if there is one) fileref The original fileref attribute value height The height of the data (if specified) href The computed href value for the HTML element; this takes account of the mediaobject-input-base-uri and mediaobject-output-base-uri). node The data element params Any multimediaparams associated with the data element properties The properties of the element (as returned by the extension funtions; this can include EXIF data and metadata) scale The scaling factor (if there is one) or 1.0 scalefit True if the image should be scaled to fit (implicitly or explicitly) uri The computed absolute URI of the input data valign The vertical alignment of the data (if specified) width The width of the data (if specifieid)
This is the paragraph following the table.