Also Minimal — Another test of a minimal RefEntry.


This is a minimal RefEntry.


This is a minimal RefEntry.


This is a minimal RefEntry.

More Description

This is a not-so minimal RefEntry.

Even More Description

This is an even less minimal RefEntry.

Shift-ControlPriorPrev Screen
Shift-ControlNextNext Screen
Shift-ControlLeftPrev Desktop
Shift-AltLeftPrev Desktop Drag Focused Window
Shift-ControlRightNext Desktop
Shift-AltRightNext Desktop Drag Focused Window
Shift-ControlF1-F12Jump to desktop 1-12
Shift-ControlBackSpaceToggle Subdesktop
Shift-ControlUpPrev Window
Shift-ControlDownNext Window
Control-AltzHide Window
Control-AltxUnhide last hidden window
Control-AltwClose Window
Shift-AltspaceMove window to other subdesktop
Shift-ControlspaceSelect Zoom
Control-AltspacePut/restore aside window
Shift-Control0Put aside all other windows
Shift-ControlKP_HomeMove window to top left
Shift-ControlKP_UpMove window to top center
Shift-ControlKP_PriorMove window to top right
Shift-ControlKP_LeftMove window to left center
Shift-ControlKP_BeginCenter window
Shift-ControlKP_RightMove window to right center
Shift-ControlKP_EndMove window to bottom left
Shift-ControlKP_DownMove window to bottom center
Shift-ControlKP_NextMove window to bottom right
Shift-AltKP_UpMove window up
Shift-AltKP_DownMove window down
Shift-AltKP_LeftMove window left
Shift-AltKP_RightMove window right
Shift-Control-AltKP_UpGrow window vertically
Shift-Control-AltKP_DownShrink window vertically
Shift-Control-AltKP_LeftShrink window horizontally
Shift-Control-AltKP_RightGrow window horizontally
Shift-Control-AltKP_HomeGrow window both ways
Shift-Control-AltKP_EndShrink window both ways
Shift-AltKP_InsertToggle move/resize increment
Shift-AltKP_HomeMaximize window vertically
Shift-AltKP_EndMaximize window horizontally
Shift-AltKP_BeginMaximize window
Shift-Control-AltKP_BeginFull screen
Shift-Control-AltKP_UpMaximize left track
Shift-Control-AltKP_DownRestore left track
Shift-Control-AltKP_LeftShrink left track
Shift-Control-AltKP_RightGrow left track
Shift-AltKP_BeginMove window to/from left track
Control-AltspaceRestore aside window
NonePrev DesktopSubdesktopNext Desktop
ControlPrev MenuSelect MenuNext Menu
AltPrev HiddenHide/UnhideNext Hidden
Shift-ControlShrinkSelect ZoomGrow
Shift-AltMove Window
Shift-Control-AltResize WindowLower WindowMaximize Window
Control-AltRestore AsidePut/Restore AsidePut Aside
ModifierRoll UpRoll Down
NonePrev DesktopNext Desktop
ShiftPrev WindowNext Window
ControlPrev MenuNext Menu
AltPrev HiddenNext Hidden
Shift-AltMove UpMove Down
Shift-Control-AltMove LeftMove Right
Control-AltRestore AsidePut Aside
FormatAffected desktops/screens
larswm.S.D.resourceOnly desktop D on screen S
larswm.S.?.resourceAll desktops on screen S
larswm.?.D.resourceOnly desktop D on all screens.
larswm.?.?.resourceAll desktops on all screens.
larswm*resourceAll desktops on all screens.