$transformed-docbook-output — URI for transformed DocBook output.

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Used in:
docbook.xsl, param.xsl
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  |$transformed-docbook-output as xs:string? := ()


Broadly speaking, the DocBook transformation process has three phases:

  1. The DocBook input supplied by the user is run through a series of transformations to produce a document that is ready to be transformed to HTML. (See $transformed-docbook-input.)

  2. That document is transformed into “HTML”. It’s not really HTML (yet) because some aspects (footnotes, chunking, etc.) are not yet resolved.

  3. The “HTML” from the previous step is transformed to produce one (or more) HTML results.

If the $transformed-docbook-output parameter is not the empty sequence, it is assumed to be a URI. It will be made absolute against the base URI of the input document. The transformed “HTML” that results from step 2 above will be output to that location.