$transformed-docbook-input — URI for transformed DocBook input.

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Used in:
docbook.xsl, param.xsl
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  |$transformed-docbook-input as xs:string? := ()


Broadly speaking, the DocBook transformation process has three phases:

  1. The DocBook input supplied by the user is run through a series of transformations to produce a document that is ready to be transformed to HTML. (See Section 5.7, “The pre- and post-processing pipeline”.)

  2. That document is transformed into “HTML”. It’s not really HTML (yet) because some aspects (footnotes, chunking, etc.) are not yet resolved. (See $transformed-docbook-output.)

  3. The “HTML” from the previous step is transformed to produce one (or more) HTML results.

If the $transformed-docbook-input parameter is not the empty sequence, it is assumed to be a URI. It will be made absolute against the base URI of the input document. The transformed DocBook that results from step 1 above will be output to that location.