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A contrived example of some colored output.

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This article contains (contrived) examples of all the markup that gets presented in different colors by default today. You are, of course, free to add your own CSS which uses color in other places. The primary purpose of this document is to test various themes, so it’s most useful if the theme picker is enabled.

This is a paragraph of ordinary text.1

Table 1.1 A Table

Another paragraph.2

1def _parse_args(self, args):
    done = False
    for arg in args:
        if done:
5            self._check_arg(arg)
            if arg == "--":
                done = True
            elif arg.startswith("--config:"):
10                self.config_file = arg[9:]
            elif arg.startswith("--java:"):
                self._java = arg[7:]
            elif arg.startswith("--root:"):
                self.root = arg[7:]
15            elif arg == "--help":
            elif arg == "--verbose":
                self.verbose = True
20            elif arg == "--debug":
                self.debug = True

Sections follow, just for the titles. Revision markpmarkup is also coloured.

This is a phrase with the error class.

This is a paragraph with the debug class.

Here is a remark. The keycap rendering has a drop shadow. There’s also color in code.

Line one
Line two                                                   
Line three                                                 
Line four

There’s also the “monochrome” listing:

(defun ndw/insert-date-time (with-tz)
  "Insert current date-time string in ISO 8601 format.
If WITH-TZ is nil, the time is printed without the timezone;
if WITH-TZ is t, the time is printed with the timezone;
if WITH-TZ has any other value, that value is interpreted as
a timezone and the current time in that timezone is inserted.
Example: 2010-11-29T23:23:35-08:00"
  (let ((tz (cond ((eq with-tz nil) nil)
                  ((eq with-tz t) (current-time-zone))
                  (t (current-time-zone () with-tz)))))
     (if (eq tz nil)
         (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%dT%T")
        (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%dT%T" () tz)
        ((lambda (x) (concat (substring x 0 3) ":" (substring x 3 5)))
         (format-time-string "%z" () tz)))))))

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