Unit Test: articleoxy-changemarkup.0031.xml

Norman Walsh

This is the abstract.

In the following two paragraphs, I'm going to delete the end of one paragraph and the beginning of the next.

It has several paras.

It hHas several paras. Oxygen kept the markup balanced. nice.

This is the last paragraph of the abstract.

Some preambulatory paragraph.

1 Section One

Some other paragraph.

1.1 Section One.Two

Some other paragraph.

1.2 Section One.Three

Some other paragraph.

2 Section Two

Some other paragraph.

<appendix><title>Appendix One</title><para>Some other paragraph.</para><section><title>Section One</title><para>Some other paragraph.</para><section><title>Section One.Two</title><para>Some other paragraph.</para></section><section><title>Section One.Three</title><para>Some other paragraph.</para></section></section></appendix>