Unit Test: calloutlist.003

Benoit Guillon

Table of Contents

1 Callouts

1.1 Embedded cos

1  <refentry>
5    <refmeta>
      <refmiscinfo class="source-name">GTK+</refmiscinfo> 
      <refmiscinfo class="version">1.2</refmiscinfo> 
10      <refmiscinfo class="manual">GTK+ User's Manual</refmiscinfo> 
      <refpurpose>Standard Command Line Options for GTK+ Programs</refpurpose>
15    </refnamediv>
      <para>This manual page describes the command line options, which
      are common to all GTK+ based applications.</para>
20    </refsect1>

Sets the date part of the header/footer.

Sets the title part.

Sets the section part.

Sets the source name part.

Sets the version part.

Sets the manual part.

Another screen including coref too. The first coref is not valid, the second one is valid. It checks also that several items in co/@linkends are correctly handled.

 Volume in drive C is SYSTEM         Serial number is 2350:717C
 Directory of  C:\
10/17/97   9:04         <DIR>    bin
10/16/97  14:11         <DIR>    DOS 
10/16/97  14:40         <DIR>    Program Files
10/16/97  14:46         <DIR>    TEMP 
10/17/97   9:04         <DIR>    tmp 
10/16/97  14:37         <DIR>    WINNT
10/16/97  14:25             119  AUTOEXEC.BAT 
 2/13/94   6:21          54,619  COMMAND.COM 
10/16/97  14:25             115  CONFIG.SYS 
11/16/97  17:17      61,865,984  pagefile.sys
 2/13/94   6:21           9,349  WINA20.386 

This directory holds MS-DOS, the operating system that was installed before Windows NT.

System startup code for DOS.

Some sort of Windows 3.1 hack for some 386 processors, as I recall.

1.2 Programlistingco

This case checks that spaces are added to reach the expected column.

1This is a line
This is another line                                  
This is a third lien

here HermiteNormalFormIntegerMat is used

This programlistingco checks that you can put several markups at different column positions into the same line, and that several markups with no column specification are both put at the end of the line. The special case of a markup at the end of the last line is checked too.

1This is a line
This is another line                                       
This is a third lien
The very last line

here HermiteNormalFormIntegerMat is used