Unit Test: bibliolist.004

More examples cribbed from The Definitive Guide.

1Books and Printed Resources

[Fitz04] Michael Fitzgerald. XML Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools. Sebastopol, CA:O’Reilly, , ISBN: 978-0596007119.

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[Maler95] Eve Maler and Jeanne El Andaloussi. Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup. Prentice Hall, , ISBN: 978-0596004200. This book is out of print. However, the information on document schema modeling is still relevant and has not been superseded to date. Although the book is out of print, the authors have made an online version available at: https://www.xmlgrrl.com/publications/DSDTD/index.html.

[Ray03] Erik Ray. Learning XML. Second Edition, Sebastopol, CA:O’Reilly, , ISBN: 978-0596004200.

[Stayton07] Bob Stayton. DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide. Fourth Edition, Sagehill Enterprises, , ISBN: 978-0974152134. The essential guide to the DocBook XSL stylesheets.

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[Vlist03] Eric van der Vlist. RELAX NG. Sebastopol, CA:O’Reilly, , ISBN: 978-0596004217.