$persistent-toc — Generate a persistent Table of Contents?

Defined in:
Used in:
parameter-maps.xsl, modules/head.xsl, modules/chunk-cleanup.xsl, modules/chunk-output.xsl


$persistent-toc := 'false'


If this value is true, then a copy of the Table of Contents (ToC) will be added to every file produced. This Table of Contents is read by JavaScript when displayed in the browser and provides a “popup” ToC on every page.


The Table of Contents is secreted away in a script element so that it will be ignored by screen readers and other user agents that don’t support JavaScript or CSS.

The persistent ToC popup is transient by default, meaning that it will disappear if you use it to navigate to a different page. If you open the popup by “shift-clicking” on it, the ToC will persist until you dismiss it.