f:gentext — Returns generated text.

Defined in:
modules/gentext.xsl (2)
Used in:
modules/titles.xsl, modules/functions.xsl, modules/toc.xsl, modules/refentry.xsl, modules/glossary.xsl, modules/index.xsl, modules/titlepage.xsl, modules/info.xsl, modules/lists.xsl, modules/inlines.xsl, modules/xlink.xsl, modules/xref.xsl, modules/chunk-output.xsl, modules/msgset.xsl
Used by:


f:gentext($node as element(),
$context as xs:string) as item()*
f:gentext($node as element(),
$context as xs:string,
$key as xs:string) as item()*


Returns the generated text associated with the specified key in the specified context for the specified node. If key is not provided, the element name of the node is used.

For example, if the f:language() of the $node is English, then in the “title” context, the generated text for the key “tableofcontents” is “Table of Contents”. If the language is French, then the generated text is “Table des matières”.

The contexts and the keys are defined in the locale files.