1. Getting the stylesheets

There are three ways to get the stylesheets: you can download the latest release from GitHub, you can get them from Maven, or you can clone the repository and build them yourself. We’ll cover the first two options in this chapter; Chapter 5, Building the stylesheets covers the last option in detail.

1.1 Download the latest release

The latest release is always available from the GitHub releases page. At the time of publication, the latest release was version 1.8.0.

Distributed this way, you’ll get a ZIP file that contains the stylesheets plus a number of ancillary files and tools. These are mostly covered in the next chapter Chapter 2, Using the stylesheets.

You can unzip the file anywhere that’s convenient: in your home directory or in a system-wide location.

1.2 Getting the release from Maven

The latest release is always available from Maven*.

The group, artifact, and version ID for the latest release at the time of publication is:


If you’re comfortable using Maven, I’m going to assume that’s all you need to know.

The Maven distribution differs from the zip file in a couple of ways:

  1. It doesn’t bundle any of the dependencies. The ZIP file is more akin to an “uber” or “fat” jar; it includes (some of) the core dependencies so that it works out-of-the-box. Maven is designed to resolve dependencies, so that shouldn’t be necessary here.

  2. The Maven jar doesn’t include the Python script or the extra resources (CSS and JavaScript files) because it doesn’t seem like it would be convenient to extract them from the Maven jar (which will probably be installed deep in some repository hierarchy well out of sight). Consequently, you may want to download the distribution periodically as well.