$v:pi-db-attributes-are-uris — Controls which “db” processing instruction pseudo-attributes are URIs.

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$v:pi-db-attributes-are-uris as xs:string* := ('glossary-collection', 'bibliography-collection', 'annotation-collection')


The “db” processing instruction can be used to provide configuration values within a document. For example:

  |<?db xlink-style='inline' glossary-collection='../gcollection.xml'?>

In this example, xlink-style is just a string value, but glossary-collection is a URI. When the value in question is a URI, it must be made absolute against the base URI of the processing instruction on which it occurs. The $v:pi-db-attributes-are-uris variable determines which pseudo-attributes are considered URIs. Their values are made absolute when the processing instruction is parsed.