$v:mediaobject-output-base-uri — Base URI of images and other media in the output.

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Not used.


  |<xsl:variable name="v:mediaobject-output-base-uri"
  |              as="xs:string?">
  |   <xsl:message use-when="'mediaobject-uris' = $v:debug"
  |                select="'Mediaobject out. base URI:',                        if (empty($mediaobject-output-base-uri))                        then ()                        else if (ends-with($mediaobject-output-base-uri, '/'))                             then $mediaobject-output-base-uri                             else $mediaobject-output-base-uri || '/'"/>
  |   <xsl:sequence select="if (empty($mediaobject-output-base-uri))                         then ()                         else if (ends-with($mediaobject-output-base-uri, '/'))                              then $mediaobject-output-base-uri                              else $mediaobject-output-base-uri || '/'"/>


This value is calculated from the $mediaobject-output-base-uri parameter. If the parameter is the empty string, then this value is the empty sequence. Otherwise, this value is the value of the $mediaobject-output-base-uri parameter, which is assumed to be absolute. A trailing slash will be added to the parameter value if it is not present.