$verbatim-syntax-highlight-languages — Languages for which syntax highlighting should be performed.

Defined in:
Used in:
param.xsl, modules/variable.xsl
Used by:


  |$verbatim-syntax-highlight-languages := 'python perl html xml xslt xquery javascript json css'


This parameter is a space-separated list of programming languages. If the Pygments syntax highlighter is available, the stylesheets can apply syntax highlighting to program listings. If the program listing language (as specified in the language attribute) appears in the list of $verbatim-syntax-highlight-languages, syntax highlighting will be attempted.


Syntax highlighting is incompatible with inline markup in the program listing; the embedded markup will be ignored.

The examples in this guide show syntax highlighting applied to XML.

See also $v:verbatim-syntax-highlight-options and $v:verbatim-syntax-highlight-pygments-options.