$use-docbook-css — Create links to standard DocBook CSS stylesheets?

Defined in:
Used in:
param.xsl, modules/head.xsl


  |$use-docbook-css as xs:string := 'true'


If this parameter is true, then the output will contain links to the standard DocBook CSS stylesheets:

  |<link href="{$resource-base-uri}css/docbook.css"
  |rel="stylesheet" media="screen"/>
  |<link href="{$resource-base-uri}css/docbook-paged.css"
  |rel="stylesheet" media="print"/>

If $use-minified-css is true, then the links will be to minified CSS stylesheets. You can quickly disable all of these links by setting this parameter to false. There are a number of other stylesheets that are only conditionally included, see $verbatim-syntax-highlight-css and $persistent-toc-css. User defined stylesheets are added with $user-css-links.