$table-accessibility — Accessibility settings for tables.

Defined in:
Used in:
param.xsl, modules/variable.xsl


  |$table-accessibility as xs:string := 'summary details'


The $table-accessibility parameter determines how accessibility features are added to CALS tables*.

The value of this parameter is a space-separated list of strings. If the list contains:


A summary attribute will be added to the table if an alt element or a textobject containing a single phrase is available.


A details element will be added if there is a textobject containing anything other than a single phrase available.

The list may contain either or both values. If other values are present, they are ignored.

See Example 1, “An example of table accessibility”.

   |<table frame="all">
   |   <title>Square numbers</title>
   |   <alt>The first four whole numbers
   |and their squares.</alt>
   |   <textobject>
   |      <para>This table shows the first four whole numbers
   |and their squares. (The square of a number is that
   |number times itself.)
   |   </textobject>
   |   <tgroup cols="2" colsep="1" rowsep="1">
   |      <thead>
   |         <row>
   |            <entry>
   |               <inlineequation>
   |                  <mathphrase>n</mathphrase>
   |               </inlineequation>
   |            </entry>
   |            <entry>
   |               <inlineequation>
   |                  <mathphrase>n<superscript>2</superscript>
   |                  </mathphrase>
   |               </inlineequation>
   |            </entry>
   |         </row>
   |      </thead>
   |      <tbody>
   |         <row>
   |            <entry>1</entry>
   |            <entry>1</entry>
   |         </row>
   |         <row>
   |            <entry>2</entry>
   |            <entry>4</entry>
   |         </row>
   |         <row>
   |            <entry>3</entry>
   |            <entry>9</entry>
   |         </row>
   |         <row>
   |            <entry>4</entry>
   |            <entry>16</entry>
   |         </row>
   |      </tbody>
   |   </tgroup>
Example 1An example of table accessibility

One possible rendering of such an example:

Table 1Square numbers

This table shows the first four whole numbers and their squares. (The square of a number is that number times itself.)

n n2

Inspection of the HTML will reveal that the summary attribute is present on the element that wraps the table and a details element precedes it. These may or may not be rendered by your user agent depending on its accessibility features and settings.

See also $mediaobject-accessibility.

This parameter does not apply to HTML tables because the HTML table model supports these features directly.