$segmentedlist-style — Choose segmented list presentation style.

Defined in:
Used in:
param.xsl, modules/lists.xsl


  |$segmentedlist-style := 'table'


Segmented lists can be presented in two different ways: as lists or tables. The default is determined by $segmentedlist-style which must be either “list” or “table”.

Consider the following segmentedlist of (some of) the US states and their capitals:

 1 |<segmentedlist>
 5 |<seg>Alabama</seg>
10 |<seg>Anchorage</seg>
   |<seg>Little Rock</seg>
15 |</seglistitem>

This can be rendered as a table, as shown in Figure 1, “Segmented list formatted as a table”:

ArkansasLittle Rock
Figure 1Segmented list formatted as a table

Or as a list, as shown in Figure 2, “Segmented list formatted as a list”:

State: Alabama
Capital: Montgomery
State: Alaska
Capital: Anchorage
State: Arkansas
Capital: Little Rock
Figure 2Segmented list formatted as a list

The style can be selected on a per-list basis with the db processing instruction using the segmentedlist-style pseudo-attribute. A table-summary pseudo-attribute is also provided for the table summary in tabular presentations.