$orderedlist-item-numeration — Numeration for nested ordered lists.

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Used in:
param.xsl, modules/functions.xsl
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  |$orderedlist-item-numeration := '1aiAI'


The $orderedlist-item-numeration parameter controls the numeration style of nested orderedlist elements. Items in the top-level list will use the numeration style of the first character in $orderedlist-item-numeration, items in the second-level list will use the numeration style of the second character in the string, etc. If the list depth exceeds the number of characters in the $orderedlist-item-numeration, selection “wraps back around” to the first character.

In other words, if the string is “1ai”: list items at the first, fourth, seventh, tenth, etc. depth will have arabic numeration. List items at the second, fifth, eight, eleventh, etc. depth will have lowercase alpha numeration, etc.