m:toc — Mode for generating lists of titles (e.g, the table of contents)

Defined in:
modules/blocks.xsl (4), modules/toc.xsl (2)


Elements are processed in m:toc when automatically constructing a Table of Contents (or, more generally, any list of titles).

Where a generated list of titles appears is controlled by several parameters. For manual control, place an empty toc element where you would like it to appear. If the toc element is not valid where you would like the list to appear, use the db-toc processing instruction instead. These must appear as the direct children of the element for which the list is being constructed.

See also $generate-toc, $generate-nested-toc, $annotate-toc, $lists-of-figures, $lists-of-tables, $lists-of-examples, $lists-of-equations, $lists-of-procedures, and $section-toc-depth.