m:html-head — Construct the HTML head element.

Defined in:
modules/head.xsl (5)


The m:html-head mode is used to produce the head element. This should include all of the metadata, links, scripts, etc. necessary to render the document correctly.

It is not supposed to be necessary to override this template. You can customize what is produced with the m:html-head-script, m:html-head-links, and m:html-head-last modes.

The order of elements produced in the head is:

  1. Elements generated by the stylesheets automatically (title, scripts, links, and other elements).

  2. Elements generated in m:html-head-script mode.

  3. Elements generated in m:html-head-links mode.

  4. Elements in the HTML namespace that are in the source document’s info.

  5. Elements generated in m:html-head-last mode.

In addition, elements generated in m:html-body-script occur near the end of the HTML body element.