f:attributes — Returns the attribute that apply to an output element.

Defined in:
modules/functions.xsl (2)
Used in:
modules/functions.xsl, modules/inlines.xsl, modules/attributes.xsl
Used by:


f:attributes($node as element(),
$attributes as attribute()*) as attribute()*
f:attributes($node as element(),
$attributes as attribute()*,
$extra-classes as xs:string*,
$exclude-classes as xs:string*) as attribute()*


Most output elements have attributes: any xml:id attributes in the source are reflected in the output as id attributes, most elements get a class attribute, etc. The f:attributes() function is called to determine what those attributes should be.

In practice, the way this usually works is the element is processed in the m:attributes mode and that template calls f:attributes() to generate the actual attribute nodes.