$experimental-pmuj — Insert reverse links.

Defined in:
Used in:
param.xsl, modules/xlink.xsl


  |$experimental-pmuj := 'false'


If $experimental-pmuj is true, then links will be inserted from link targets back to link sources. In other words, if clicking on “A” jumps you to “B”, the stylesheets will add a link at “B” that jumps you back back to “A”. (Pmuj is jump spelled backwards.)


This feature is entirely experimental. It may change in arbitrary ways or it may be abandoned.

Support is limited at the moment to inlines and formal objects that have title pages. There’s currently no where to insert markup for every possible element that could be a link target.

Pmuj’s from title pages should probably be inserted in the heading, not above it, just because the styling would be nicer.