$chunk-exclude — XPath expressions for excluding chunks.

Defined in:
Used in:
param.xsl, modules/chunk.xsl


  |$chunk-exclude as xs:string* := ('self::db:partintro', 
  |                                 'self::*[ancestor::db:partintro]', 
  |                                 'self::db:annotation', 
  |                                 'self::db:section[not(preceding-sibling::db:section)]', 
  |                                 'self::db:sect1[not(preceding-sibling::db:sect1)]', 
  |                                 'self::db:toc')


This parameter is only relevant when chunking is being performed, see Section 2.6, ““Chunked” output”. This parameter contains a list of XPath expressions. When chunking is being applied, for any element that could be a chunk (see $chunk-include), each expression is evaluated with that element as the context item. If the effective boolean value of any expression is true, the element will not become a chunk.

The default value for this parameter is:


In other words partintro, all of the descendants of partintro, and toc are explicitly excluded from being chunks.

The namespaces in $chunk-filter-namespaces will be in-scope when this expression is evaluated.